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Power Curve Cycles Presents:

E-Ride Pro SS

We are an exclusive dealer for the game-changing E-Ride Pro bikes in the Greater Denver Area


E-Ride Pro SS (19") 2.0 version

The game-changing E-Moto bike from E-Ride Pro

E-Moto Experts

With a specific focus on E-Ride Pro, SurRon, Talaria, and Segway e-motos, we offer everything from service to upgrades, diagnostics, and custom tunes.


Service Provider

We are a full-service provider for E-Ride Pro, SurRon/Segway and Talaria e-motos. With specific expertise in batteries, motors, controllers, and electronics, we also provide a full offering of upgrades, trouble-shooting, maintenance, and repairs. Contact us for your e-moto needs!


We offer a full suite of upgrades for your e-motos including higher-performing batteries, controllers, wheelsets, suspension upgrades/tuning, rider compartment components, and much more to make sure your e-moto is dialed in for the way YOU like to ride.


EXT Ferro E-MX Fork

A fork, purpose-built for electric dirt bikes, the EXT Ferro E-MX fork truly unleashes the potential of your bike.

EXT Arma MX (E-MX Damper) Rear Shock

The Arma MX is a direct bolt-on replacement for the Sur Ron Light Bee X and Talaria Sting

Popular upgrades from Warp9 Racing, Golden Electric, MotoClops, KKE, Electrify Bikes, and many more!

Golden, Colorado Headquarters

Based at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, our team has access to some of the best riding terrain on the planet. From technical mountain enduro trails, to desert adventures, to urban assaulting, we have incredible access to a wide-variety of testing grounds. Schedule an appointment with us to get consulting on how we can help fine-tune YOUR ride for YOUR riding style and terrain. Then, visit us at our innovation lab and service center, all wrapped up in an airplane hanger in Golden, CO.