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Warp 9 COMPLETE 19"/16" off-road wheelset

By Warp 9

One of the most important upgrades you can make is to upgrade your wheelset. Power Curve Cycles has put together a standard wheelset from Warp 9 that we feel perfectly meets the demands of an off-road, enduro set-up. Our Warp-9 complete wheelset includes:

Front wheel 19"

  • Warp 9 hub
  • Warp 9 rim
  • Warp 9 spokes/nipples
  • Warp 9 Ti rim lock
  • Warp 9 220mm floating brake rotor
  • Warp 9 Oversize rotor adapter
  • Warp 9 standard rotor bolts
  • Shinko Cheater R524 Tire 70/100-19
  • Total front wheel weight: 13.3 lbs.

Rear wheel 16"

  • Warp 9 hub (Talaria hub includes wheel spacers)
  • Warp 9 rim
  • Warp 9 spokes/nipples (oversize 9 gauge vs 12 gauge stock)
  • Warp 9 Ti rim lock
  • Warp 9 203mm standard brake rotor
  • Warp 9 standard rotor bolts
  • Warp 9 58T sprocket
  • Warp 9 standard sprocket bolts
  • Shinko Cheater R525 Tire 80/100-16
  • Total rear wheel weight: 16.4 lbs.

This wheelset is superior to others on the market in many ways:

  • Robust motocross-style hubs and rims
  • Lightweight titanium rim locks which allow you to run lower-pressure set ups (ie. Tubliss, mousse, etc.)
  • Proven Shinko Cheater off-road performance tire set-up
  • Oversize 9 gauge vs 12 gauge stock spokes
  • More powerful front braking as a result of the oversized 220mm floating front brake rotor
  • 58T rear sprocket, which delivers excellent torque off-road